Community-driven credit union focuses on serving others

Since Michigan Legacy Credit Union opened its doors at 269 Oak Street in Wyandotte, the business continues to strive to make a long-lasting impact on the community it serves.

Most recently, Michigan Legacy Credit Union has worked with the community based non-profit, Mimi’s Mission, an organization that has assisted thousands of people since it was founded five years ago.

The organization is thankful for the dedication of people who enable to cause to change the lives of so many due to their support.

Founder of Mimi’s Mission, Lisa Missler Vilella, said employees of the credit union are always seeking new ways to get involved in their organization – from monetary contributions to hosting on-site collection drives and attending fundraiser events.

Vilella said Erin Hogan, employee of the credit union, recently stopped in to make a donation then ended up taking the time to assist an older gentlemen move old furniture out of his house.

“Michigan Legacy Credit Union is a community driven business… They give back to the area more than most people probably know about,” said Vilella.

She said she is “very grateful” for all of the credit union members who are “so very generous to us.”

President/CEO of Michigan Legacy Credit Union, Carma Peters, said a marketing committee was recently implemented at each branch. The committee’s mission is to to build relationships with members of the community through volunteerism.

Peters said Hogan serves as a board member. As a current volunteer for Mimi’s Mission, she has seen firsthand the impact the cause has made on people Downriver.

It was decided that Michigan Legacy Credit Union of Wyandotte would work with the organization in hopes of making a difference.

“Engagement in the community is important,” said Peters. “It has an impact on our employees, owners and people who support our business.”

Peters said the branch strives to keep funds within the community it serves in an effort for it to prosper and grow.

For more information about Mimi’s Mission, visit

Michigan Legacy Credit Union is at 269 Oak St., Wyandotte.

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