Livonia woman finds success in repurposing vintage home decor

By Jacquie Snyder – Guest Writer

Jacq of All Trades – All About the Bling was born in December after much prayer.

Being a part of corporate America and working for the man was no longer an option for me. I was tired of putting my passion where it wasn’t credited. Filling my bosses’ pockets with the fruits of my labors/ideas and coming home everyday with a small piece of the pie, was indeed a defining moment for me.

Being a mom for the past 21 years has allowed me to gain much experience in “the Trades”, especially being a single mom. You quickly learn how to do a lot of those little things we tend to take for granted. I was brought up in a crafty household, as my father was the original Tim Taylor from the 80’s sitcom Home Improvement and my mother was the 80’s version of June Cleaver. Both my parents worked hard and acquired the things that made them happy, which did include the home, the family, etc.

As I meandered the world in my 20’s and 30’s, I began to decorate my home in a fine array of Trash to Treasure, which has now been upgraded in name to Repurposing…I do have to say, it does sound much nicer. I was the garage sale/flea market queen who was always complimented on all the treasures I found, from kids clothing to home décor. My neighbors were envious of the “newest” addition to my yard, as I trash picked a patio set and repurposed it or it may have been the old fire pit, I picked to create a new addition to my flower gardens. Trash to many, treasure to me. I, being the artist, was truly my happiest when I could create, whether it be cake batter and frosting, dirt and clay from my yard as I gardened, or glue guns and other materials.

In my 30’s, Heavenly Bites Cakes was born and my partner and I ran that business for almost 10 years. It was a wonderful business that my girls were able to share in and offered a great creative outlet for me. Heavenly Bites provided on-the-job-training, as my partner was a cake decorator of 20+ years, as well as, providing me with other sources of learning, such as event planning/decorating and floral design. There was many a time, where a florist or planner was running behind at a wedding I delivered to, and needed my assistance to pull it all together.

My 40’s has brought about much experience in marketing, merchandising, budgeting, and other such lessons. The greatest lesson that I came to realize was the issue I had in working for others. The lack of compassion, love and humanity within their business/product was something I could not seem to adapt to. The drive was encouraged, as making more money was our main objective, however, the lack of support or humility was lost in both the employees and our customers. I noticed myself becoming bitter and angry at the over-consuming power of greed and carelessness of employees, as well as, customers…and that became the turning point for me. I realized that one of my greatest assets was my humanitarian spirit and my need to motivate, inspire and love people.

It was then I began to pray and ask for guidance in my next step. Jacq of All Trades had actually been devised a few years back during a particularly low time in my life when I was desperately seeking income for myself and my girls. I quickly came to realize, it was not the time for that venture, as I had more to learn before I could set off again on my own. In December as I mused and puttered around with the glue gun and glitter, a voice said, “it’s time” and so it has been and shall be.

I now have a booth at Town Peddler in Livonia and am looking to open another booth in Livingston Antique Outlet. I am rediscovering talents that I forgot about, as I pick up my paint brushes, dig out the sandpaper and shop for treasures at the local resale shops. Trash to Treasure, Repurposing, Flea Market Flipping, whatever you choose to call it, it’s what I do. I LOVE helping others and delight in the pleasure I witness in my customer’s faces as they are connected with one of my pieces. My goal in this adventure is to work with my customers, whether it be creating something new for them, recreating something old for them or assisting them with event décor or home décor. My motto for this chapter of my life and this business is, “God’s Will is my will.” Those that need me will be led to me and I will care for them just as He cares for me.

Peace, Love and Much Gratitude,

Jacq of All Trades All About the Bling

For more information about Jacq of All Trades – All About The Bling, visit


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